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IB12: How to put SMART back into buildings

IBTech Insight Series
Thursday, May 30, 2024
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Room E3.4


There is almost universal support for the many benefits of "Smart Buildings". Developers, owners and maintenance providers have largely been convinced that Smart Buildings deliver on improved occupant wellbeing and satisfaction, reduced energy and management costs, improved property value, and ease of operation. This is all very achievable on new construction, but is there a way to create "Smart Buildings" from what we already have? How can we add "Smart" to every building, irrespective of installed technology? Can this be done cost-effectively, without the wholesale removal of all that was installed before? In this talk, Paul will provide answers to these questions, and more, demonstrating how this can be achieved in a fast-moving world under financial pressure, with spiralling costs and a need for speed. This would be an ideal introductory session for participants to discover more about integrated building controls, building management and the world of connected building data. Seminar Cost - $30


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Paul Price
Business Development Director
Tridium Europe Ltd

How to put SMART back into buildings


Paul is a leading figure in the world of integrated building control systems, with nearly 40 years' experience in the field of building-controls and building systems integration. He has a background in start-ups in building-control systems technology as well as leading SME organisations at a senior level. Currently, Paul is Business Development Director at Tridium, with global responsibility for technology partnerships and key customer accounts for Tridium products and their network of distributors, systems integrators and OEMs. Tridium is a global software and technology company, the developer of the Niagara Framework®.