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SM02: New Australian Standard for Air Filter performance classification

ARBS Seminar Series
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Room E3.5


With the deteriorating quality of outside air, due to a variety of reasons, combined with the need to better control the control of matter generated from within occupied spaces, the selection of effective air filtration, using current state of art methodology, has become a critical design factor. Standards Australia will publish AS16890, Parts 1 to 4, this year. This presentation will demonstrate the key points of this standard, how it compares to the old AS1324 series and legacy international standards, as well as how to apply it to achieve better outcomes in application. Seminar Cost - $10


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Daniel McCaffrey
Air Filter Application Solutions And Sales
AFPRO Filters Australia Pty Ltd

New Australian Standard for Air Filter performance classification


Daniel has been involved in providing air filter applications for more than 40 years, he was a contributor to the updated AIRAH’s DA15 design, AIRAH’s accredited Professional Certificate in HVAC&R Fundamentals course “Air Filters in ‘HVAC&R” and a member of AIRAH’s Special Technical Groups, Indoor Air Quality and Infection Control and Operating Theatre Practices. His background, in air filtration, began installing, commissioning and maintaining air filtration equipment, as a service specialist, after tertiary studies in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical engineering, he moved on to applications consultant and sales manager, he worked with some of the leading global filter manufacturers.