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IB08: Can a BMS be smart enough for 99% of buildings? How to enhance your building automation system to meet modern day challenges.

IBTech Insight Series
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Room E3.4


If you have a BMS, then you already have the infrastructure for a smart building. You already have basic data visualisation (graphics, alarms, trends, and reports). You already have a basic server and database. You already have a basic network. You already have the bare bones for a smart building. How can we enhance the Building Management System to be smart enough for 99% of buildings? A BMS is basically an HVAC control system with some extra monitoring added as an afterthought. This was fine 20 years ago when all we cared about was air conditioning. Air conditioning is not all that we care about today. Owners are prioritising building energy efficiency ratings, NetZero, and ESG, but the BMS is not evolving fast enough to keep up with a completely changing market. We have less time, less money, and less people. We need to squeeze everything out of our existing infrastructure and products before spending more time and money on other technologies. New technologies should supplement the BMS, not try to fix it. In this presentation, I will give you ideas and practical examples of how to squeeze everything out of your existing BMS and enhance it to the point where it is good enough for 99% of smart buildings. Seminar Cost - $40


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Bryce Anderson
Independent Building Automation Consultant
Lifecycle Controls

Can a BMS be smart enough for 99% of buildings?


Based in Melbourne, Bryce Anderson is an independent Building Management System consultant. Starting in the BMS industry in 1998, Bryce initially worked for BMS companies for the first 15 years of his career (2 years in South Africa, 9 years in London, and 4 years in Melbourne). In 2014, Bryce transitioned into BMS consulting, saw a massive gap in the lack of specialist BMS consulting, and started Lifecycle Controls in 2017.