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SM01: Cold Hard Facts 4

ARBS Seminar Series
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Room E3.9


Cold Hard Facts 4 (8th issue and comprehensive update) The Cold Hard Facts 4 report, is a comprehensive data update and analysis to identify key developments and emerging trends in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Graeme will present results from a six-month research project, part of a longitudinal study, that includes economic activity (i.e., industry employees, spend, etc.), installed equipment base, energy consumption, pre-charged equipment imports, bulk gas imports, refrigerant types, refrigerant consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions for each major industry sector, and over fifty equipment categories in the RAC industry. The first full update since Cold Hard Facts 3 in 2016. This session will showcase the key metrics and observations prior to publishing. Seminar Cost - $10


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Graeme Dewerson
Principal Consultant
Expert Group

Cold Hard Facts 4 (8th issue and comprehensive update)


Graeme Dewerson has worked within the RAC sector for 20 years, initially in the UK before moving to Australia in 2012. Starting his career in the corporate world, Graeme worked in Commercial Management and Business development roles developing a strong technical knowledge of refrigerants and their applications. He supported major wholesale clients with the Refrigeration transition, released new products and launched new business units in Australia and abroad. Graeme joined the Expert Group in 2021 as an independent consultant working with business and government bodies on climate change policy, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.