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SM07: Licensing – facts and figures

ARBS Seminar Series
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Room E3.6


ARC administers the ARCtick licensing scheme to minimise preventable emissions of ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases. Its success is determined by its ability to deliver value and service. It has a unique perspective and ability to respond to complex issues, and works in partnership with Australian Government, key industry bodies, licensed individuals, manufacturers and businesses in RAC industry. Its primary focus is on driving emissions towards net zero. There are some 140,000 licensed technicians and businesses, and ARC audits 5,000 of them each year for compliance with refrigerant records, equipment and cylinder maintenance, risk management plans and other requirements of their permits. The majority of RTA holders are compliant at audit, but if they have slipped up on anything, it is almost always the paperwork. Field officers help them to be compliant, and in short order almost all permit holders tidy up that paperwork and become fully compliant. Seminar Cost - $10


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Rod Cumming
GM, Compliance & Training
Australian Refrigeration Council

Licensing – myths and misunderstandings


Rod Cumming is the General Manager, Compliance and Training at the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). He possesses a unique trade and training background, having been a successful owner of a commercial refrigeration and air conditioning business, with many years working as a TAFE trainer including the development of trade training both abroad and at Victoria’s Box Hill TAFE. Rod is a passionate advocate for the RAC industry and brings a unique mix of trade, training, business and regulation experience to his role.